OAT Tart with Yogurt Berries

• 3 convenient packs of Julie’s OAT 25 Chocolate Hazelnut (roughly crushed)​
• Few chunks of bananas ​
• 150g Oats


Step 1: Put the bananas into a bowl, peel and mash until smooth.​

Step 2: Add the OAT 25 Chocolate Hazelnut crumbs into the mashed banana.​

Step 3: Mix the instant oatmeal and stir until mixed completely.​

Step 4: Pour it into the mould.​

Step 5: Bake in the oven at 190 degrees for 20 minutes.​

Step 6: When it turns golden brown and solidifies, remove it from the oven.​

Step 7: Chill the Oat shell for at least 2 hours and remove it from the mould.​

Step 8: Topping with yoghurt and mixed berries. Enjoy! ​