About Us

A Brand Refreshed

It took us quite awhile to get to where we are today; 37 years in fact. We started sharing our love through our delicious and delightful biscuits since 1985. We’ve always been known as the biscuit brand with the humble and kind girl as its logo.

And now it’s time for a change and a makeover. Over the last 35 years, while we have retained much of humble disposition, we have also grown more open, braver, and funnily more human. Open because we have grown to share our love to over 80 different countries. Braver because we want to be better and inject more fun and playfulness in biscuit makers. More human because we have learned that biscuits are more than just a culinary delight; biscuits are about people. They are about making connections, breaking barriers, and building bridges.

Following this perspective, we have revamped our entire brand look, feel and experience. Julie, our trademark icon, now looks confidently up, into the future and towards her next aspirational adventure. The colourful rays that emanate from her marks the brand’s incredible zest for life. We ask you to join her. Look up, smile, put on your best energy, grab a pack of your favourite Julie’s Biscuits, and join her in her amazing adventure.

One small biscuit can bridge the big, big world

Julie’s, bridging the world with biscuits

Julie’s, share a bite, bridge the world.

Life isn’t only about the big defining moments. It is lived in the small, everyday ones.

What happens in these moments shapes the course of our lives and eventually defines the world we live in.

Imagine what the world would be like if, in these moments, we were ever-so-slightly more open.
More open to family member, more open to a neighbor and even to a stranger who wasn’t one of us. We’d learn new things about them and about ourselves. And perhaps most importantly, we’d learn that we have more in common then we thought.

At Julie’s, we want to help people open their hearts and minds to each other. For us, each biscuit is a small yet
 exciting opportunity to share a bite and to share a moment. A moment that bridges worlds, one small step; one shared smile; one biscuit at a time.

Julie’s. Bridge the world.

Our Vision

We’re building a more open world,
where people from all backgrounds
share a bite and share a moment.

Our Mission

We conduct our business with conscience to benefit all.

Company Core Values

Our core values are passion, integrity, conscience and accountability.


We treat all Julie’s employees as one big family. Together, we put our heart and love into everything we do. Each Julie’s employee aims to bake their very best into their work.


Julie’s is committed to delivering a quality experience to its customers. We spare no effort in continuously improving the biscuit-baking process, conducting trial after trial to attain the tastiest biscuit before proceeding to mass production. We bake every single piece to our high standards of quality and taste.


At Julie’s, we apply the highest degree of cleanliness, consideration, and food safety in the production of our biscuits.


Today, when food sources can be questionable, Julie’s is committed to ensuring that only the very highest quality, safest raw materials and ingredients make their way into our biscuits.