The Best Of You

The Best of You is about appreciation.

Since its inception in 2014, the movement has been powered by the authentic stories of people from all walks of life within our community. The stories shared are not simply stories. They are tributes to the important people, accomplishments and experiences that have shaped one’s life.

These tributes speak of relationships, community, love, resilience, kindness and empowerment. Through the sharing of stories, we are able to celebrate the diverse groups of people that make up our community and remind ourselves of our shared humanity.

In the spirit of empowering each other with these stories, we are humbled to share them here on this website. We will also be showcasing many of them at our future exhibitions. We hope you will find inspiration and share your own story too.

By sharing your story, you might just change someone else’s life. So, share with us who is The Best of You at HERE