Julie’s CNY Recipe I Snowflake Crisp Cookies Recipe

As we usher in the festive vibes of the approaching Chinese New Year, what better way to celebrate than with some delightful and easy-to-make Snowflake Crisp Cookies with a cheesy twist! We’ve put a spin on the traditional recipe by incorporating Julie’s Cheese Crackers, giving these treats a unique and mouthwatering flavour. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the ingredients you’ll need: 

Julie’s Cheese Crackers (100g)
Marshmallows (200g)
Unsalted Butter (60g)
Full Cream Milk Powder (80g)
Sunflower Seeds (50g – Optional)
Almonds (50g – Optional)
Cranberries (Optional) 

Now, let’s get into the simple steps to create these delectable Snowflake Crisp Cookies: 

Step 1: Melt unsalted butter in a non-stick pan over medium-low heat.
Step 2: Add marshmallows to the melted butter, stirring until smooth and fully melted.
Step 3: Incorporate full cream milk powder into the marshmallow mix, then turn off the heat. Ensure a smooth blend.
Step 4: Stir in Julie’s Cheese Crackers, along with cranberries, almonds, and sunflower seeds if desired. Make sure everything is evenly coated with the marshmallow mixture.
Step 5: Sprinkle some dry milk powder onto a baking tray.
Step 6: Transfer the marshmallow mix to the prepared baking tray, pressing it down until it forms a firm layer.
Step 7: Dust the surface with additional milk powder for that perfect finish.
Step 8: Allow it to cool completely before cutting it into bite-sized pieces. Now, it’s time to indulge and enjoy your homemade Snowflake Crisp Cookies! 


These cookies not only add a delicious touch to your Chinese New Year festivities but also bring a unique and cheesy twist to the traditional celebration. Feel free to get creative with the optional ingredients or customize the recipe to suit your preferences. 

Wishing you a joyous Chinese New Year filled with good fortune, happiness, and, of course, delightful treats! 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!