Julie’s Mother’s Day Memories

• Yogurt 500g
• Icing sugar 200g

• Honey
• Mixed fruit jam
• Chocolate chips
• Julie’s Butter Crackers 4 Convi–packs

Step 1:
Crush Julie’s Butter Crackers in a bowl and set the biscuits crumbs aside.

Step 2:
Pour the yogurt into a bowl, mix well with the icing sugar and refrigerate it for about half an hour.

Step 3:
Mix the yogurt mixture well until it is smooth and cornbread.

Step 4:
Add some biscuits crumbs into the base of a glass and top with a layer of yogurt.

Step 5:
Drizzle some honey and top that with another layer of biscuits crumbs.

Step 6:
Add 2 tablespoon of mixed fruit jam and repeat the layering once more.

Step 7:
Add the Chocolate chips as decoration. Enjoy it!

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