Julie’s Nutilicious Choc Moist Cake

• Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich (10pcs)
• Melted chocolate 1 bar
• Unsalted butter 100g
• Crushed peanut 100g
• Icing sugar 10g

Step 1:
Add unsalted butter into the melted chocolate and mix until it dissolves.

Step 2:
Break Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich into small pieces in a bowl.

Step 3:
Pour 3/4 of the chocolate mix over the crushed Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Step 4:
Add the crushed peanuts and gently stir until all mix well.

Step 5:
Pour the mixture into a layered cake pan.

Step 6:
Add the rest of the melted chocolate on top.

Step 7:
Refrigerate for over 3 hours or overnight.

Step 8:
When set, cut into slices and enjoy!

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