Sesame Eggy Rolls

INTRODUCING THE TIMELESS TWIST ON OUR BELOVED GOLDEN EGGY ROLLS New Julie’s Sesame Eggy Rolls are now available in Malaysia!




Sesame lovers, rejoice! If you are looking for something truly toasty, nutty, and incredibly satisfying, you’re going to love the latest limited edition – Julie’s Sesame Eggy Rolls, expertly crafted to elevate your snacking experience! 


These delectable delights boast a satisfying crunch, and the combination of velvety vanilla milk with the rich nuttiness of sesame seeds will leave you craving more! An ideal treat for any special occasion or just for a cozy evening snack. 





Get yours today from our official Shopee and Lazada stores and embark on a delightful journey into sesame goodness! 🛒